About Green Revolution

Rethink what materials are sourced for single use packaging.

Hemp is a sustainable alternative for up to 50,000 products including; building products, fabrics and plastics. Hemp has been used for a variety of products for thousands of years, yet there is still a stigma associated with it because of marijuana. European views toward hemp are much more progressive than that of the U.S. The hemp plant is beneficial for farmers, the environment and business.

Emmanual Art Gallery Exhibition

Research and Creative Arts Symposium (RaCAS)

University of Colorado Denver Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) award recipient. For more information visit the RaCAS webpage and the UROP webpage.

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College of Arts and Media Dean’s Student Innovation Award

College of Arts and Media Student Innovation Award partially funded the production of this film. For more information visit the CAM webpage.


We received over $1,200 to help produce our film directly from audience members like you. To check out our successful fundraising campaign click HERE for more information.

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